Helpful Tips

Information Needed to Ensure Prompt Service

  1. Please provide the call receiver (dispatcher) with your exact house or building number and street name or intersection along with complete address.
  2. If there are parking restriction at your pickup address please be at curbside so we can ensure we do not miss you.
  3. If calling between 12 pm and 6 pm please provide call receiver with your location and destination. This will help us service you most efficiently during the rush hour.
  4. If you have ordered a taxi and no longer need it please call us back and cancel your taxi. This will help us maximize our fleet by not dispatching a taxi where it is no longer required.
  5. If your taxi has not arrived within 20 minute please call us back, so we can track down your taxi.
  6. If during the night time, turn on atleast one outside light so that taxi driver can locate your door.