We do just everything to give you a better service, here is a small examples of what we can offer you!

Package Delivery

Want to get that package delivered immediately? Checker & Family Taxi is the answer! We pick up your package, and take it straight over to the recipient. No stops. No putting your package in another vehicle that will get it there a right away, just immediate service. Call us at 306 763-3773.

Lost Items

Do you think you may have left your briefcase, cell phone, jacket, etc. in the cab?

Checker & Family Taxi takes great pride in the prompt return of lost items. Many times our drivers have even tracked down passengers at their drop off location to return items that were left behind. Or you can arrange to come by our offices to claim your lost item.

In the event that you have lost an item in one of our taxi cabs please call us immediately. The sooner we hear from you the greater our chances of having your property returned to you quickly. You can contact one of our Lost & Found representatives at 306 763-3773.

When you call please relay as much information about the item as possible. Cab numbers are very important. Be sure to note the cab number each time you enter or exit a vehicle. Date, time and drop off location are also very important pieces of information which will help expedite the recovery of your lost item. We will do our best to assist you in locating your missing items.

We are not responsible for any items left in our taxi cabs.